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-Made With Heart & Soul-

We hope that you will appreciate the talents of our local street artists who put their soul in all the pieces they produce



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Limited Release!
- 20th September 2020-

Front Line Heroes
Front Line Heroes
Front Line Heroes

Front Line Heroes

The Australian Spirit
The Australian Spirit
The Australian Spirit

The Australian Spirit


our finest Art

What are Street Art Jigsaws?

Street Art Jigsaws are for art enthusiasts to appreciate and download their art pictures and discoveries from mainly outdoors of all types. Releasing on the 20-09-2020, pre-order yours today!


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Art Approval from Our Creators

our finest Art

9 key Jigsaw Benefits

  • Great for some needed alone time
  • Improves short-term memory
  • Enhances Calm
  • Boosts Memory and Concentration
  • Increases Energy Levels 
  • Great Mental exercise
  • Increased productivity
  • Improve problem solving ability
  • Greater Attention to Detail

our finest Art

How Street Art Jigsaws are made

                  Covid 19

woman walks past a mural that invites people to fight against the Covid-19 in Surabaya. 

           Lord Of The Rings

A mural by graffiti artist Eme Freethinker depicting Gollum from Lord of the Rings worshiping a toilet roll, in Mauerpark.

           Importance of Mask

A man walks with his groceries beside a mural that portrays a person wearing a gas mask. 

Green Tea Leaves


Talented Finders

  To find the art that will later become Street Art Jigsaw, our team of talented finders from around the world are on a run to find creative and mind-blowing street arts to be converted into jigsaws. 

Green Tea Leaves


Full-Time Machine Process

Street Art Jigsaw 360o Machine holds up to 1300 units of jigsaw pieces, which are carefully drafted and developed by in-house skilled artisans. 

Green Tea Leaves


Warehouse Shipment

 After the machine process, the Jigsaw puzzles are packed into their designated boxes. The puzzles then leave the Factory towards the Shipment warehouse by our hardworking delivery men and women  . 

our finest Art

Melbourne's COVID-19 street art.

A health care worker in the Atlas pose holding up the earth by Artists of Melbourne's murals. Location: Black Rock

our finest Art


This piece of street art by local artists depicts the devastation of the recent 2020 bushfires. But alas the Australian spirit lives on!!

               -Hear It From Our Customers-

  • "Love Love the Melbourne Jigsaw especially with Covid-19 still effecting in my area, I bought these for my kids to keep them busy and spread awareness"- Jessica G
  • "Great Great Collection, it's new in the market and carries such a beautiful message showcasing such talented works. Love it!"- James F
  • "Highly Recommend the Jigsaws. I received 2 of them for my twin boy's birthday and we couldn't be more happier. Such a great and awareness activity!- Sarah P

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